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Telos Personnel Training

About Telos Personnel Training

John Adler

Telos Personnel Training is a member of (International Council on Systems Engineering)



Telos Personnel Training was founded in 1996 by John Adler and a group of trainers, in order to be able to better accompany clients in the industry and banking as well as marketing companies and administrative units.




Our fields of application have changed over the years slightly - but our mission stays the same:

Telos Personnel Training supports customers and their teams to reach their full potential and thus exceed the expectations of their own customers and employees.



In a few words...

... our mission has been very effective. For us the greatest praise is when we hear from our customers that they develop new business areas successfully, achieve (considerably) higher profits through better use of the potential of employees and the production is able to produce excellent quality in shorter time. The best side-effect to us: the projects and the training are also fun for the team and therefore empower everybody!


Regardless if in the field of management, production or the broad field of team development, selling or soft skills: profit from our experience and our (often unconventional) approach! Get in touch with us:

We‘ll be happy to serve your cause.

Telos Personaltraining 
is a member of INCOSE
(International Council on Systems Engineering)
Contact Information
Telos Personnel Training
Franckstrasse, 28
8010 Graz / Austria
T: (011) +43 316 816505
F: (011) +43 316 836100
E-mail: touchdown(at)
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