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5S and Visual Management

5S & Visual Management

With tailwind and little effort through ISO-certifications? No more cleaning up for customer visits?

Still teams spend a lot of time with getting things ”in order“ or wasting time looking for them. Constant cleanlyness and order with minimum stock - welcome to 5S and Visual Management!





The simple foundation...


...of every producing company or team (and this naturally also concerns all administrative units) for productivity is to have only items in the ongoing ”production“, that are needed for it - and everyting right on the spot and time where and when it is needed.


5S and visual management were the first measures that Telos Personnel Training obtained from the Toyota Toolbox and through which Toyota® and the idea of „The Machine that Changed the World“ revolutionized the industrial production. Since 1997 we have developed 87 production units with these programmes from partly disorderly and dirty circumstances to showcase productions. We train teams of co-workers who in progression roll out the 5 steps in 3 phases of 5S and Visual Management. It is the foundation to bring in Value Stream Management and Kaizen effectively. Toyota® is market leader today - their success relies on the teams and these programmes!

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