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Trainings, Consulting and Lean Tools Implementation  

Telos Personnel Training
Value Stream Management and Kaizen

Value Stream Management & Kaizen

It is amazing how much Lean Production and Kaizen influence the cooperation, thinking and actions of the team members. Regardless of  the field you‘re in, from a producing business to administrative units: experience what is actually possible!

How well do you actually know the efficiency and the quality of your products?

We change the way of thinking...


...and consequently also the willingness to cooperate and to move actions towards „lean“. We build a new foundation together with our customers and the openness of their management. Success origins in the hearts and heads of the leadership.


Since 1999 we have been observing time and again the hidden potential even in well-organized companies, when we take a look at the key data of productivity, quality and lead-times before and after the measures. The cost reduction and the evolving advantage in the competition are enormous. We form and train teams of our customers - the methods and tools become part of the customer organisation in a short period of time. In this way we reduce consultation costs. Value Stream Management and Kaizen offer a wide range from team motivation to efficiency.

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