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Telos Personnel Training
Team Training and Soft Skills

Team Training & Soft Skills

Going to work with the idea of a good working climate where everyone consciously supports the team, more will be accomplished and better work done. Everyone will be able to play their part using their own skills in a better way. More then ever team thinking and soft skills form the effective human backbone of corporate performance.

How alive is the idea of teamwork in your company? In which ways do your employees see themselves as as one team supporting each other and the whole unit?

The word ”team“ seems to be past its prime ...


...but it is vivid and alive because people remain people! Teamtraining, communication (and in this field primarily the newly researched fields of nonverbal, visual and kinesthetic communication), the whole range of soft skills with the applications in the field of selling, project management and in the art of sales have always been and will stay core competencies. How can we choose from the many options we have in a team if these tools are ignored? Our offer is composed in this field of training adding the ingredient that Telos Personnel Training mainly relies upon: we tailor to your needs. Nowhere else does it become so clear that every team has its own character. Standard trainings and psychologic games can do more harm than good.


”We all love each other!“ might be a nice idea, can be rarely put to use with teams though. Our preparations in this field start with the understanding of the group, the actual situation and the working environment as well as the objectives that these people have for themselves and together as a team. Based on this we integrate the vision of the company, also point out tensions that may stand between these objectives. Only when costumers are ready to take up this not always easy but always profitale discussion, are we ready to go to work.


With a series of attending measures we provide for consistency and make the efficiency of our training in all the fields transparent that the overall costs (extra costs of personnel, hotels, travels, infrastructure and materials) of the measures are clear and can be contrasted with clearly visible benefits.  

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